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Diabetes and Endocrinology

Diabetes and Endocrinology Overview

Manipal diabetes and endocrinology department provides general and specific services in the same specialty. We have qualified, accredited consultants in adult and pediatric diabetes and endocrinology. Our outpatient services function throughout the week. We look after Type 1, Type 2 and pregnancy induced diabetes, thyroid disorders, calcium disorders, osteoporosis and obesity. Major part of pediatric endocrinology is designed to look after growth, puberty and pituitary disorders. Recently we have introduced an integrated diabetic clinic and package to manage diabetic patients on long term basis.

Diabetes and Endocrinology Features

Jaipur Manipal Hospital ensures that the best facilities and care is always delivered with exceptional precision. We have the best of doctors, in every field, focused on excelling themselves with superior care, through their expert knowledge in their field.

Jaipur Manipal Hospital is a name synonymous to emergency care in this part of the country. With the largest number of ICU beds among all the public & private hospitals in the state, Jaipur Manipal Hospitals is the most preferred destination for all kinds of treatments

Jaipur Manipal Hospital provides facilities of the highest order for the diagnosis and management of all thyroid disorder like thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism, thyroiditis, thyroid adenoma, and malignant lesions of thyroid. All the necessary sophisticated...

Dr. Minal Mohit-Diabetes and Endocrinology
Dr. Minal Mohit

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